Business Master Trainer

Job Detail

  • Vacancy Number WOD KDR 02 006
  • Nationality Afghan
  • Job Location Kandahar
  • Number of Jobs 3
  • Contract Duration 1 Year + Extendable
  • Experience 3 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Education University Degree

Job Description

Master Trainer Scope of Work

In other to accomplish the overall project  goal , as well as the goal of professionalizing  the industry through lead entrepreneur skills upgrading   and field  practice, master trainers  will have the requisite  education; technical, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity,  ability to travel, as well as experience in training / facilitation using interactive  instruction methodologies.

Training Objectives

  • To ensure the Goldozi certificate program (GCP) accomplishes the objectives of LE training to:
  • Build the capacity of the LEs through the guidance and training to enhance their  technical production,
  • Improve LE  production   cycle scheduling  and management to receive  orders from women  embroiders compliant with other requirements and on time
  • Ensure the designs are in demand and of the highest quality
  • Market and sell embroidered  products to rural shopkeepers , as well as wholesale and /or retail outlets  in major commercial  cities  and abroad,
  • Encourage creativity , New designs  and new product development  to  be competitive
  • Introduce  microfinance  and technology as way to grow  their  businesses , as appropriate
  • Build relationships with market actors and monitor  progress to promote  the Goldozi brand

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provision and delivery of high quality training in core competencies as (Self-management, Producer group management, Basic business management, Market readiness, Costing and pricing, Order management, Basic features of the Goldozi mobile app), Business Development as (Business planning, Access to finance, Event/meeting planning, Negotiation techniques, Customer service techniques, Advanced costing and pricing and Advanced features of the Goldozi mobile app) as per GCP training modules.
  • Work as facilitators / resource person to empower  others rather  than a teacher
  • Interactive instruction  to create  a positive , learner centered  training environment and  communicate effective, dynamic presentations in the classroom
  • Assess the knowledge of the group and gauge  module presentation  accordingly
  • Effective class room management  techniques , such as managing participation  of various educational  levels, managing classroom challenges, and creating  a positive learning environment
  • Capacity to evaluate the application of the theoretical knowledge during the practicum
  • Preparing Timetable in accordance with the curriculum, criteria and standards of the practical and theoretical training of the relevant field.
  • Keeping the record of beneficiaries evaluation / exams.

Job Requirements:


  • A recognized  university degree in education, business, or a related  field
  • A minimum of three years’ experience  in interactive instruction  to create  a positive , learner centered  training environment and  communicate effective, dynamic presentations in the classroom
  • Knowledge and competence in business management, costing, finance, technical, interpersonal and financial management skills
  • Experience in NGOs and INGO sector is an asset,

Computer Skills

  • Good computer skills, including Microsoft windows and Microsoft office suite
  • Familiar with browsing internet explorers, emails, and using internet

Language Ability

  • Good English and Pashto in the spoken and written language.
  • Ability to write reports, and business correspondence

Submission Guideline:

All qualified candidates are requested to send their application along with their last updated CV to the attention of WOD HR Department.

Please clearly indicate the position title and vacancy number in the email subject line and send via to

Applicants fail to complete above requirements will be disqualified.

Required skills